Company Summary & Value Proposition

Interactive Mortgage is a fast-growing mortgage lending company located in Orange, California. Their mission is to give borrowers who know what they want complete interactive control of the loan process. These savvy borrowers do not need a sales pitch - they simply want to be able to choose their terms and fund quickly.

What We've Done

1. Competitive Analysis

2. Design System: UI Kit

3. Product Design: Web


1. Velocify - CRM, Lead Management

2. Elliie Mae Encompass - Loan Application

2. Yelp Reviews

3. Custom Home Value Service (BadPixel Service)

4. Intercom (Chat)

5. Calendly Call Scheduler

What We're Working On

1. Production Support

2. Design System enhancements

3. Product Design Sprints to explore new functionality

*Please note full UI Kit and website not-shown, only selections*

Multi-Step Loan Application
Home Value
Home Value Return

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