Company Summary

Monarch Technologies, Inc. is a proprietary business banking compliance platform and a fully licensed money transmittal service provider. It is currently operating as a fintech service provider for the legitimate hemp industry serving businesses, governmental compliance entities, and consumers. Monarch was built after years of industry research from client frustration and misunderstanding of how to handle compliance, taxation, and payments in the hemp/CBD industry. After analyzing and diagnosing the banking industry and practices, we identified the need to solve these issues with a compliance-driven SaaS platform.

What We've Done

1. Competitive Analysis

2. Brand Strategy

3. Logo Design

4. Logo Expressions

What We're Working On

1. Brand Book

2. Design System

3. Product Design Sprints to explore functionality

Monarch Logo Expressions
Standard Employee Cards
Executive Cards
Employee Polo
Employee Polo
Company Coffee Mug
Monarch Hat

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